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Top 3 Accident Types - Struck by / Struck against

The following links list tools, publications, and other resources to help prevent injuries caused by struck by/struck against objects in the construction industry. These resources may not meet all the requirements for health and safety in British Columbia. Please check the Workers Compensation Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, and related materials for specific WorkSafeBC requirements.

Falls | Struck by/Struck against | Overexertion

Preventing Struck by/Struck against Accidents

Hazard Alert Posters
Toolbox Meeting Guides

These toolbox meeting guides were developed to provide a simple, clear format for conducting effective toolbox talks.

Signs and stickers
Booklets and pamphlets
Slide shows and videos
  • Long span trusses
    Combining 3D animation and live action, this video illustrates the correct procedures for temporary bracing and prebuilding an alternative erection system. While it doesn't show you how to brace your truss project, it presents the basic rules to prevent a truss system from collapsing. (7 min. 49 sec.)
  • Guarding for woodworking
    Slide show outlining effective point-of-operation safeguarding and safe work practices to help to prevent serious injuries when using table and panel saws.
Regulation and guidelines

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