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Courses & Events for Fishing

Fish Safe Stability Education Course - 4 days

This course is developed and facilitated by fishermen and will assist participants to build on their working knowledge of vessel stability, remove threats to stability from their operations and develop procedures. The concepts are practically applied and the course is useful for all fishermen, from all vessel sizes and gear types.
Source: Fish Safe

Safe on the Wheel Course - 4 Days

Fish Safe developed this course with the goal of providing crew with the tools to be "Safe on the Wheel". There are no sea time requirements and it is open to all fishermen. Navigation, chartwork, electronics, buoyage, weather and "What if's" are covered to make for a safer wheel turn.

A Small Vessel Operators Proficiency (SVOP) certificate will be issued by Transport Canada upon successful completion of the course, to all participants with a CDN Number.
Source: Fish Safe

Safest Catch Program - One on One Vessel Visits

This program was developed by Fish Safe to help fishermen develop their on-board safety management system. Fishermen trained Advisors provide the tools and direction in the form of a workshop on the vessel. A review of emergency drills, safety equipment orientation, regulatory requirements, and how to develop a safety procedures manual are included. A MED A3 certificate will be issued by Transport Canada to all Safest Catch Program participants that provide a CDN number. A Safest Catch Decal and Certificate will be issued once the program is completed.
Source: Fish Safe

Pacific Marine Expo

This trade event dedicated exclusively to the West Coast Maritime industry takes place November, 2015 in Seattle, Washington.

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