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Initiatives for Fishing

Education Presentations by WorkSafeBC Officers

Currently, WorkSafeBC safety and hygiene officers are available to conduct presentations on a variety of fishing industry issues such as:

  • Vessel Stability Models - see below for more information on this topic
  • Conducting Emergency Drills
  • The Effects of Cold Water Immersion

Other presentations can be developed as the need arises. For more information contact your local WorkSafeBC office and ask to speak to an officer who works with the fishing industry.

Vessel Stability Models

WorkSafeBC has several sets of model boats, based on the work of naval architect, John Womack to demonstrate how gear type changes and other factors such as free surface can affect fishing vessel stability. WCB safety and hygiene officers will use the wooden boats to demonstrate what vessel stability, or the lack of it, means for fishing vessels. Arrange for a local, hands-on demonstration by calling your local WorkSafeBC office and ask to speak to a safety or hygiene officer who works with the fishing industry.

Fish Safe Advisory Committee

The Fish Safe Advisory committee meets about four times a year and is a forum to discuss fishing safety. The committee is made up of industry representatives and regulatory agencies involved in fishing. Fishermen, fishing companies, naval architects, marine educators, marine insurers, fishing organizations and regulatory agencies regularly attend. A range of issues are discussed including health and safety, and compensation and assessments.

The Advisory Committee is co-chaired by Ralph Roberts, UFAWU-CAW and Ryan Ford, Program Manager, Fish Safe. Industry members interested in participating should contact Fish Safe at 604 261-9700 or for more information and the meeting schedule.

Fish Safe

WorkSafeBC is funding the BC Seafood Alliance's Fish Safe Program by allocating funds through additional assessments applied to the fishing industry classifications.

On behalf of the fishing industry, Fish Safe coordinates and develops safety tools and programs for fishermen by:

  • Serving as an advocate for health and safety within the fishing industry
  • Coordinating industry advice to regulatory agencies on health and safety issues and regulations
  • Developing training tools for fishermen
  • Monitoring and communicating accident patterns
  • Improving safety awareness and procedures on board vessels
  • Coordinating the B.C. Fish Safe Advisory Committee and courses and workshops on safety

The tools are developed by fishermen for fishermen with the purpose of reducing injuries and fatalities. The Vision, developed by the Fish Safe Advisory Committee, is: A World Leading Safety Culture in the B.C. Fishing Industry.

For more information contact: Fish Safe
100-12051 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC, V7A 4V4
Phone: 604 261-9700 Fax: 604 275-7140

Safety in Focus

A monthly column that appeared in Fisherman Life Magazine.

The following is a series of articles by Harvey Linton:


Memorandum of Understanding between WorkSafeBC and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans

"The purpose of this document is to record and communicate to the officers responsible for the administration and enforcement of these regulations, the arrangements that have been made between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Pacific Region)("DFO") and WorkSafeBC (the "Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia") for the administration and enforcement of occupational health and safety regulations for commercial fishing vessels."
*PDF (199 KB)

Memorandum of Understanding between WorkSafeBC and Transport Canada

"The purpose of this MOU is to establish a joint administrative agreement between WorkSafeBC (the "Workers' Compensation Board of BC") and TC to facilitate the fulfillment of their jurisdictional authorities and responsibilities ..."
*PDF (262 KB)

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