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Welcome to the Safety at Work centre for the forestry industry, your online resource to help prevent accidents and injuries. We welcome your .


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Revised guidelines

Revised guideline to the Workers Compensation Act effective April 27, 2016

Revised guideline

New guideline effective April 21, 2016

Revised guideline

New guideline effective March 18, 2016

Revised guideline to the Workers Compensation Act effective March 18, 2016

Safety information for fallers: No stand of timber is worth your life

WorkSafe Bulletin 2015-17, discusses a faller's right to refuse unsafe work and defines an "undue hazard". This bulletin is directed to workers, supervisors, and employers and outlines the reporting process that all parties should follow when hazards are discovered. Download this bulletin in [PDF] or [Word]. The Word version is customizable and your firm information and logo can be added.

Every Minute Counts: Emergency Response Planning in Forestry

This video helps workers understand the challenges of emergency response in forestry operations. It also reminds employers that they must minimize harm to workers by adjusting their emergency plan for each worksite and practicing it regularly.


WHMIS 2015

The changes to WHMIS result in new standardized hazard classification criteria, a few new label requirements, and material safety data sheets (MSDS) will be replaced by safety data sheets (SDS).

faller certification

Faller certification

The current application form can be downloaded from the B.C. Faller Training Standard & Certification website.