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Injury Prevention Resources for Petroleum (Oil & Gas) - General Safety

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The following links list tools, publications, and other resources to help prevent the most common injuries and illnesses in the petroleum (oil & gas) industry. These resources may not meet all the requirements for health and safety in British Columbia. Please check the Workers Compensation Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, and related materials for specific WorkSafeBC requirements.

Oil and Gas Compliance Field Guide, Book 1 and Book 2

This set of two infoflips is for WorkSafeBC officers to use as a guide in their inspectional work.

Interested stakeholders may refer to or use the information contained in these infoflips to assist them in carrying out their occupational health and safety roles and responsibilities.

Note: both books have the same BK number (BK115)

Source: WorkSafeBC WorkSafeBC
* Book 1 PDF (4 MB)
* Book 2 PDF (4 MB)
* Print copies are available for purchase from the WorkSafeBC store.

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