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Regulation & Guidelines for Oil & Gas Industry

The following sections of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation have been identified as being most relevant to your industry. Included are the general requirements that apply to all industrial workplaces as well as any specific requirements for your industry. However, other sections of the WCA or OHS Regulation may also apply to your workplace because hazards and tasks vary from workplace to workplace within the same industry. This compilation of relevant industry sections does not exempt you from other sections that apply to your workplace.

Reminder: Pipe Layers or Side Boom Tractors requiring ROPS in BC
As a reminder, in BC, OHSR Section 16.22(1) requires that certain types of mobile equipment, weighing 700 kg (1,500 lbs) or more, must have protective rollover structures (ROPS). Included in the list of equipment are pipe layers or side boom tractors manufactured after January 1, 2000. Pipe layers or side boom tractors manufactured before January 1, 2000 are exempt from the requirement for ROPS. However, although not required, the fitment of a ROPS canopy should be encouraged where possible in such cases. If a ROPS is not fitted, the employer must provide the operator with detailed safe work procedures which, when followed, will minimize the possibility of machine roll over.

For further information, refer to Policy Item R16.22-1.

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