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Health and Safety Requirements

Web book
Small Business and WorkSafeBC
Provides small employers with basic information on registering with WorkSafeBC, paying premiums, and ensuring that workplaces and workers are safe.

image Pamphlets & Booklets

  • Small Business Health and Safety Log Book (PDF 431 KB)
    * Print copies are available from the WorkSafeBC Store
  • Effective Health and Safety Programs: The Key to a Safe Workplace and Due Diligence PH33 (PDF 532 KB)
    Updated: December 2005
    * Print copies are available for purchase from the WorkSafeBC Store
  • Understanding Workplace Safety For Small Business (PDF 112 KB)

image Checklist

imageStartSafe Safety Tips

StartSafe Safety Tips are one-page bulletins developed for specific work activities or businesses. The graphic illustrations are used to highlight common hazards and safe work practices to prevent work related injuries. These safety tips can be used by employers as part of training, crew talks, safety meetings, or as part of safety orientation for new workers.

image WorkSafeBC Form

  • Notice of Project for Construction; Asbestos or Lead; Forestry; Diving; Aircraft Operations; Underground Workings

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