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Safety for Business

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Free Health and Safety Resources

In addition to all the publications and videos available free for downloading from our website, the following print copies of small business resources are available free from to employers in British Columbia.


  • Small Business Primer (English, Chinese, Punjabi)
  • Small Business Log Book
  • Employers' Fairness and Service Code
  • Working Alone: A Handbook for Small Business


  • Health and Safety Guide for Retail Small Business
  • Health and Safety Guide for New Retail Workers
  • Preventing Violence, Robbery and Theft: A Guide for Retail Owners, Managers, and Workers


  • Health and Safety for Hospitality Small Business
  • Kitchen posters (series of 6)

Other industries

  • Health and Safety for Small-and Medium-Sized Wineries
  • Health and Safety for Small-and Medium-Sized Woodworking Shops
  • Health and Safety for Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Companies
  • Health and Safety for Greenhouses and Nurseries
  • Warehouse posters (series of 7)

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