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Initiatives for Tourism & Hospitality

If you would like to work with the WorkSafeBC on health and safety issues, or for more information about health and safety initiatives for Tourism & Hospitality, contact WorkSafeBC Hospitality and Small Business Industry Services at .

Kitchen Posters

The following are a series of 6 posters for Industrial Kitchens.

NOTE: These posters are available free of charge from the WorkSafeBC Store.


Save your fingers. Use the guards.
Source: WorkSafeBC
* PDF (498 KB)

# Don't defeat the safeguards.
Source: WorkSafeBC
* PDF (607 KB)
# Bend your knees to lift and ask for help.
Source: WorkSafeBC
* PDF (529 KB)
# Clean up spills and keep floors clean. Wear proper footwear.
Source: WorkSafeBC
* PDF (485 KB)
# Get help and use oven mitts.
Source: WorkSafeBC
* PDF (495 KB)
# Cleaners can burn too. Read the label and know the dangers.
Source: WorkSafeBC
* PDF (554 KB)

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