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Regulation & Guidelines for Wood Products Manufacturing

The following sections of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation have been identified as being most relevant to your industry. Included are the general requirements that apply to all industrial workplaces as well as any specific requirements for your industry. However, other sections of the WCA or OHS Regulation may also apply to your workplace because hazards and tasks vary from workplace to workplace within the same industry. This compilation of relevant industry sections does not exempt you from other sections that apply to your workplace.

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Pulp & Paper

Occupational Health and Safety Regulation

Part 5 Chemical Agents and Biological Agents

Part 6 Substance Specific Requirements

Part 7 Noise, Vibration, Radiation and Temperature

Part 8 Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

Part 9 Confined Spaces

Part 10 De-energization and Lockout

Part 11 Fall Protection

Part 12 Tools, Machinery and Equipment

Part 13 Ladders, Scaffolds and Temporary Work Platforms

Part 14 Cranes and Hoists

Part 16 Mobile Equipment

Part 19 Electrical Safety

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