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Two kinds of fatalities are reported here.

Work-related disease deaths are usually a result of long-term exposure to a hazardous substance. The disease fatalities represent worker deaths that occurred in the year indicated and that have been compensated by WorkSafeBC (the Workers' Compensation Board of B.C.).

Other fatalities occur as a result of a single incident. These deaths are reported here as soon as possible after WorkSafeBC has been notified of the incidents. Unlike the disease fatalities, these fatalities have not yet been established as claims under the Workers Compensation Act. The purpose in reporting the preliminary information about these deaths is to help prevent similar fatal incidents.

Fatality information may be updated as a result of changes and appeals. The information presented here is not official data. Official data are provided in the Annual Report of WorkSafeBC and are based on the year in which compensation began rather than the year the fatality occurred.


I cannot find that all fatalities on our web site.