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 Room Attendants

Over 50 percent of injuries in the accommodation industry involve room attendants (housekeeping staff). This video series demonstrates safe work procedures and provides instructions to prevent injuries to room attendants. These videos show the correct way to make beds, clean bathrooms, wring cloths, dust high surfaces, empty trash cans, and vacuum.
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Additional resources
Discussion guide and infographic posters

Ensure captions are turned on to view translations on video segments — Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), French, Korean, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese

English version
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Full video 8:20 wmv or mp4
1. Introduction 0:43 wmv or mp4
2. Making Beds 1:24 wmv or mp4
3. Cleaning Bathrooms 1:56 wmv or mp4
4. Wringing 1:05 wmv or mp4
5. High Dusting 0:41 wmv or mp4
6. Emptying Cans 0:41 wmv or mp4
7. Vacuuming 1:47 wmv or mp4

Tagalog version
   View Time
Full video 9:24
1. Introduction 0:50
2. Making Beds 1:25
3. Cleaning Bathrooms 2:15
4. Wringing 1:14
5. High Dusting 0:59
6. Emptying Cans 0:50
7. Vacuuming 1:47

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