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WCB Standards

Application of G600 Series of Standards

  • Used for road building in woods, in timber (may include residential lot clearing) or
  • Used for rock scaling
    • Cab G602
      Roof G608 or SAE 231
      Front, door, side and back window G603
      Boom Side G604 or SAE J1084
      Escape hatch
  • Used for demolition if procedure or conditions are such that a hazard exists.
    • Hazard from individual brick sized objects, lumber
        Roof G609 or SAE 1043
        Front window G604 or SAE J1084
      Hazard from concrete blocks or wall of concrete bricks, walls
        Cab G602
        Roof G608 or SAE 231
        Front window G603 and G604
        Boom side Window G604 or SAE J1084
Crawler Tractor
  • Cab ROPS

  • With winch on back

    • Back opening G604 or SAE J1084
  • As bulldozer, in woods operations, as skidder
    • Back opening G604 or SAE J1084
      Sides full height to front of seat G604 or SAE J1084
Feller Buncher
    Cab G602
    Roof G608 or SAE231
    Boom Side G604 or SAE J1084
    Front G603 and G604
    Door and Door Side Windows G603 and G604
    Back Window G603 and G604
    Emergency Escape
Stroke Delimber
    Front Window G603 and G604
Steyr Delimber
  • On flat landings or road side logging and decks are at 90 to machine
    • Front Window G604 or SAE J1084
  • Roadside logging if log decks are facing the machine

    • Front Window G603 and G604
Mobile Spar
    Roof G608 or SAE 231
    Cab G602
    All Windows G603
    Emergency Escape
Cable Log Loader and Grapple Yarder
    Cab G602
    Roof G608 or SAE 231
    Front Window G601
    Side and Back Windows G603
    Emergency Escape
    Wheeled - articulated on wheel tractor or bogie axle
    Cab ROPS
    Side G604
    Rear G604
    Half Doors or Full Doors
    Cab ROPS
    Rear G604 or SAE J1084
    Side G604 or SAE J1084
    Front Opening Below the Hood G604
    Half Door G605 or Full Doors satisfying SAE J1084
Hydraulic Log Loader on Tracks or Wheels and Butt-N-Top Loader
  • Operating on a non-cable show with no hazard from sliding logs, no steep terrain
    • Front Window G603
  • Operating on a cable show or steep terrain
    • Cab G602
      Roof G608 or SAE 231
      All Windows G603
      Emergency Escape
Rubber Tired Front End Loader


  • One machine in mill yard or two machines moving blocks
    • Front Window G607
  • Two machines in mill yard moving tree length logs***
    • Window Guards G603
      All Around
      Two Doors or Emergency Escape
  • Loading in woods (non cable show) by itself
    • Front Window G603
  • Loading at a cable show or working in proximity of other loaders
    • All Windows G603
      Two Doors or Emergency Escape
Boom Boats
  • Used primarily for towing
    • Rear Opening G606

*** Unless physical barriers are in place and written work procedure is available and followed to ensure machines do not operate in proximity to each other.

Cab Skins
  • Cab skins must be capable of supporting the window guarding and are to have a strength of not less than the minimum strength required for the guard protecting window openings.
Emergency Escapes
  • Must be openable from inside and outside.
  • An escape hatch which leads into an engine compartment is not acceptable unless the escape route is shielded from fire.
  • Recommended minimum opening
  • Round (diameter) 650 mm (25.6 in)
    Square 600 x 600 mm (23.6 in)
    Rectangular 470 x 650 mm (18.5 x 25.6 in)
G603 Guard
  • A minimum of four inches, and
  • A maximum of eight inches from the window unless the guard extends sufficiently beyond the side of the window to prevent material from entering the slot posing a hazard to the operator.
  • Half inch Polycarbonate (Tuffac, Lexan) with suitable substantial supports has been accepted as G603 guarding, i.e., new models of Koehring Feller Buncher and butt-n-top loaders. Such designs must be proven by test or certified design. Written acceptance from the Engineering Section would be based on proof of performance, design and other pertinent factors.
  • Polycarbonate (Tuffac, Lexan) may be used as an alternative, provided the polycarbonate is:
    • not drilled
    • overlaps the cab skin by one inch all around
    • is mounted on a cab skin which is capable of supporting 4,000 lbs.
    • is at least 1/4 inch thick if no dimensions of the opening is greater than 40 inches
    • is at least 3/8 inch thick if any dimension of the opening is greater than 40 inches.

If the polycarbonate material is mounted in another manner it must meet SAE Standard J1084 or other equivalent standard. SAE J1084 is equivalent to or better than G604.

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