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Hazard Alerts by Topic - First Aid

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Show Web Version of 'Isocyanates in industry' Poster in New Window
Isocyanates in industry
Keywords: isocyanates, chemicals, respirator, automotive repair, construction, manufacturing
Industries: Construction, manufacturing, other
Year: 2010
Alert #: WS 2010-05
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Show Web Version of 'Safety for first responders around fallen power lines' Poster in New Window
Safety for first responders around fallen power lines
Keywords: power line, electricity, emergency crew
Industries: Others
Year: 2008 (Rev. 2013)
Alert #: WorkSafe Bulletin 2008-04
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Show Web Version of 'Eye exposure to Portland cement and similar products can cause severe burns' Poster in New Window
Eye exposure to Portland cement and similar products can cause severe burns
Keywords: cement, eye, exposure, burns
Industries: Construction, manufacturing
Year: 2007
Alert #: WS 07-05
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Show Web Version of 'Firefighter contracts hepatitis C from accident victim's blood' Poster in New Window
Firefighter contracts hepatitis C from accident victim's blood
Keywords: firefighter, hepatitis C, MVA, blood, exposure control plan, PPE, fire fighting, firefighting
Industries: Firefighting
Year: 2002
Alert #: Injury 02-12
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Show Web Version of 'Ensure transportation of injured workers' Poster in New Window
Ensure transportation of injured workers
Keywords: remote logging site, fracture, written procedure, helicopter evacuation, air service, routes, radio frequencies
Industries: Forestry
Year: 1999
Alert #: Hazard Alert 99-11
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Show Web Version of 'Who attends to the first aid attendant?' Poster in New Window
Who attends to the first aid attendant?
Keywords: first aid attendant, crushed by, destabilized log, remote worksites, designated first aid attendant, written procedures
Industries: Forestry
Year: 1999
Alert #: Hazard Alert 99-10
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Show Web Version of 'Be aware of hydrofluoric acid dangers' Poster in New Window
Be aware of hydrofluoric acid dangers
Keywords: Hydrofluoric acid, burns, respiratory problems, WHMIS, substitution, PPE, first aid
Industries: Dry cleaning; metal plating; heavy equipment servicing
Year: 1996
Alert #: Hazard Alert 96-03
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