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Show Web Version of 'Getting the full benefits of safety-engineered medical sharps' Poster in New Window
Getting the full benefits of safety-engineered medical sharps
Keywords: needlestick injury, SEMD, safety-engineered medical device, hepatitis C
Industries: Health Care
Year: 2012
Alert #: WS 2012-03
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Show Web Version of 'Firefighter contracts hepatitis C from accident victim's blood' Poster in New Window
Firefighter contracts hepatitis C from accident victim's blood
Keywords: firefighter, hepatitis C, MVA, blood, exposure control plan, PPE, fire fighting, firefighting
Industries: Firefighting
Year: 2002
Alert #: Injury 02-12
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Routinely check your skin for ticks
Keywords: Rocky Mountain wood tick, tick paralysis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, western black-legged tick, ulcer, Lyme disease
Industries: Hospitality
Year: 1999
Alert #: Hazard Alert 99-05
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