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Certification Requirements and Examinations


In BC, only the holder of a valid Blaster's Certificate issued by WorkSafeBC, or acceptable to WorkSafeBC, is permitted to conduct or direct a blasting operation, and then only if the work involved is within the scope of that certificate.

Further information around the process for obtaining certification as a blaster in B.C. can be found in Blasting Examiners Protocols (PDF 620 KB).

WorkSafeBC has a process to recognize blasting certificates from other Canadian jurisdictions. Details can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions and the Jurisprudence Package for Out of Jurisdiction Blasting (PDF 537 KB).

Blasting Certificates

Certification Services has implemented a new blasting certificate starting in 2010. It is plastic, which is more resistant to the effects of weather.

  1. Front
    Although a photograph of the certificate holder will normally appear on the front of the certificate, the certificate is still valid if there is no photo. WorkSafeBC blasting examiners will be taking photos of candidates at the time of their written examinations.


  2. Back
    There are now three (3) sections with content - qualifications, endorsements, and comments. The blasting examiner selects what appears in the three sections.

    There will always be text in the "Qualifications" and "Endorsements" sections; the "Comments" section may be filled out or may be blank.

    • Qualifications - only one qualification will appear in this field. This will come from the first column below, "Blasting qualifications/Type."
    • Endorsements - up to four (4) different endorsements can appear here. The content comes from the "Initiation systems" or "Endorsements" columns below.
    • Comments - this is where any additional qualifications, endorsements, or other comments can be added. This content can come from any of the three columns, or from a blasting examiner's comments or notes.


Updated information on training to become a certified blaster is available on the Certification and Training web site.


For detailed information about examinations, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Download the 2015 (PDF 508 KB) Blasting Examination Schedule for different locations in B.C.


Blasting Fee Schedule: Effective July 1, 2010

Blasting exam $140
Upgrade $140
Restriction removal $140
Out of Jurisdiction Certification $140
Replacement certificate (lost or stolen) $25 (plus tax)

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