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Prevention Line

Toll-free within Canada:
1 888 621-SAFE (7233)
Fax: 604 279-7494

This site provides information to help you work safely while performing blasting operations. We welcome your .

Blasting Operations

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Incident Awareness

Recent Incidents

  • Bones fractured when faller struck by logs
  • Worker burned when sprayed by 70 degree Celsius water
  • More recent incidents


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What's New


Disposing of explosives: What employers and workers need to know

Employers must ensure all WorkSafeBC-certified blasters know how to properly dispose of explosives. This bulletin discusses the dangers of damaged or deteriorated explosives and legal requirements for safe disposal and training.


WHMIS 2015

The changes to WHMIS result in new standardized hazard classification criteria, a few new label requirements, and material safety data sheets (MSDS) will be replaced by safety data sheets (SDS).


Transporting Dangerous Goods

Transport Canada
    Blasters must know the requirements for transporting explosives. For more information refer to Transport Canada.
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