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Frequently Asked Questions

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Forms and Records

Where can I find the handouts that a first aid attendant can give to a worker following first aid treatment for small wounds?
Worker handouts for at-home and return-to-work minor wound care (small wounds and cuts, sprains, tendonitis, flash burns, minor burns, and back strain) are available on (PDF 39 KB).

When is an Occupational First Aid Statement of Fitness required?
All Occupational First Aid Level 2 or Level 3 candidates must submit a Occupational First Aid Statement of Fitness (PDF 86 KB) to the certifying training agency prior to a first aid certificate being issued. The Board may at any time require the attendant to provide a medical certificate on a form acceptable to the Board. You can download a copy of WorkSafeBC's form Medical certificate of fitness (PDF 129 KB).

What first aid forms do we need on site?
Generally, Form 7 (PDF 81 KB) - Employer's Report of Injury or Occupational Disease, Occupational First Aid Patient Assessment chart (PDF 41 KB), and First Aid Record (PDF 19 KB) are required on site. Copies of these forms can be printed directly from the above links.

What first aid information do we need to keep a record of?
A record of all injuries and manifestations of disease reported or treated must be maintained by the employer. See Section 3.19 of the regulation for detailed information.

Where can I find examples of first aid procedures as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation?
View samples of first aid procedures in Workplace Written Procedures (PDF 140 KB).

Who should have access to the first aid records?
Access is restricted to individuals requiring information for reasons of medical treatment, workplace inspection, accident investigation, claims processing and appeals, and other reasons relevant to the health and safety program, including statistics. The records must remain confidential and workers may request a copy of their first aid record.

See Section 3.19 of the regulation for detailed information.

Where can I find all the forms used by First Aid Training Agencies?
Forms used by First Aid Training Agencies are available in PDF format. See Information for First Aid Training Agencies.

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