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 Road Safety at Work



Every day thousands of workers in British Columbia drive while they're on the job - not only couriers and truck drivers but also sales people, homecare workers, utility workers and countless others.

Driving can be risky. In fact, occupational motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of deaths in British Columbia. On average, 24 workers are killed in crashes each year. Between 2006 and 2010 the cost of claims to WorkSafeBC stemming from car crashes involving workers was almost $42 million.

New online toolkit launched to make driving safer for workers

Employers have responsibilities to keep their respective workplaces safe, even if that workplace is a car, light-duty truck or big rig.

Road Safety at Work
This website includes information and resources to help employers better manage occupational road risk. The toolkit was developed with input from more than 20 B.C. employers. is suitable for any B.C. organization, public or private, regardless of size or industry.

5 steps to reduce your organization's road safety risk guides employers through five key steps to enhance employee road safety. The five steps are:

  1. Obtaining senior management commitment to safety improvements
  2. Reviewing the organization's current situation
  3. Identifying risks and hazards relating to the driving, vehicles and journeys
  4. Developing risk mitigation strategies
  5. Producing an action plan to reduce or eliminate motor vehicle incidents

Online tools, tips, guidance, examples and a comprehensive list of preferred practices provide additional support as the user works through each step.

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video thumbnail If You're Driving for Work, You're on the Job
Motor vehicle incidents are a leading cause of worker fatalities in British Columbia. This video is a dramatic portrayal of employer responses to such incidents, emphasizing the emotional impact on employers, workers, and their families.
video thumbnail Road Safety: Employer Responsibilities
Motor vehicle incidents are the leading cause of traumatic work-related deaths in British Columbia. Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of workers when they drive for work. This video highlights their key responsibilities, as well as misconceptions employers may have about their legal duties to ensure workers are safe when driving for work.

WorkSafeBC news release provides tools to improve safety for B.C.'s working drivers , Richmond, B.C., February 17, 2012


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