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9.1 Identify strategies to minimize workplace hazards and prevent workplace injuries.

9.2 Identify workplace health and safety rights and responsibilities of employers, managers, supervisors, and workers.

9.3 Develop policies and procedures for handling disturbances and potentially violent situations.

9.4 Describe and demonstrate safe practices for handling hazardous materials (WHMIS).


9.4 Describe and demonstrate safe practices for handling hazardous materials (WHMIS).



This lesson introduces students to the basics of Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) and increases awareness of the potential dangers of chemicals in the workplace.


1 hour


Students will:
  • define the acronym WHMIS
  • increase awareness of the dangers associated with hazardous materials
  • review various methods for the safe handling procedures of hazardous materials


  • brainstorming
  • direct instruction
  • independent study


  • WHMIS The Basics booklet view PDF doc  more info
  • WHMIS Instructor's Manual and/or WHMIS Participant Workbook view PDF doc  more info
  • Making WHMIS Work training video order  more info


  1. Introduce WHMIS by asking students what they think it means
  2. Brainstorm with students what they think may be potential hazardous products in their workplace
  3. Provide a general introduction to WHMIS for example, discuss responsibilities, labels and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
  4. Discuss with students questions they should be able to answer when faced with handling potentially hazardous workplace products:

    • What are the hazards associated with controlled products? (For example, how can it hurt me?)
    • How do I protect myself? (For example, what should I wear?)
    • What should I do in an emergency? (For example, what do I do if I spill it?)
    • Where do I get more information?

  5. Refer students to read WHMIS The Basics booklet if you are not choosing to use the WHMIS Participants Workbook
  6. Ask students to complete exercises starting on page 29 in WHMIS The Basics booklet

    • Refer to WHMIS Instructor's Manual for information modules and lesson exercises relating to WHMIS
    • Refer to WHMIS Participant Workbook for student workbook materials
    • Refer to WHMIS training video for visual presentations