Hazard Alert
Worker's Compensation Board
POSTER # Hazard Alert 93-11

Look Up and Live!


A landscape worker suffered severe electrical shock when the tip of the tree he was attempting to top contacted an energized high-voltage line. He climbed up the tree to cut off the top portion of the tree which was only five ft. (15 m) from the energized line. As he was cutting the tree his powersaw jammed in the cut. Meanwhile, the top fell and struck the line creating an arc that energized the tree. The worker suffered continuous shocks until the power authority de-energized the line.

Every area in which tree trimming in proximity to energized high-voltage overhead conductors is intended shall first be inspected by a qualified person, authorized by the owner of the electrical system, for the purpose of identifying hazardous areas. All workers who may work in proximity to powerlines must be instructed in the proper safety precautions when working around energized conductors. Employers must assess the hazards when working close to powerlines.

This poster is part of an archival collection of WCB health and safety posters, dating from 1969 until the present time. At the time this poster was originally produced, it reflected the current WCB requirements. In all cases, today's WCB regulation and requirements must be applied to the situation shown in each poster.