Hazard Alert
Worker's Compensation Board
POSTER # 95-06

Welders — Protect your ears!

Several cases of permanent ear damage to welders have been reported to the WCB. In most instances, the culprit is particles of slag. Ear protection is often overlooked by welders.

Prevention alert:

  • Cover your ears when welding.
  • If you wear a cotton welder's cap, concentrate on fit rather than style. The cap should be capable of covering your ears.
  • For added protection, some welders turn their cap brim to the side of their head that is most prone to the shower of sparks.

This poster is part of an archival collection of WCB health and safety posters, dating from 1969 until the present time. At the time this poster was originally produced, it reflected the current WCB requirements. In all cases, today's WCB regulation and requirements must be applied to the situation shown in each poster.