Fatal Alert
Worker's Compensation Board
POSTER # 96-08

Industry: Blasting Age: 34 years Experience: A Few Years Area: Central Coast

A preventable fly rock death

The blaster was firing charges inside two water well holes. When the shot was fired a piece of flyrock traveled about 208 ft. (63.4 m) and struck the blaster on the head (he was not wearing a hard hat), fatally injuring him. He was standing in the clear, and had no protection from flyrock.

Prevention alert:

  • You must plan and take precautions to control flyrock.
  • Predetermine the danger area and clear everyone out of this area.
  • Protect yourself and others from the threat of possible flyrock.
  • Establish, review, and enforce written safe work procedures for all blasting operations.
  • Take cover and wear a hard hat.

This poster is part of an archival collection of WCB health and safety posters, dating from 1969 until the present time. At the time this poster was originally produced, it reflected the current WCB requirements. In all cases, today's WCB regulation and requirements must be applied to the situation shown in each poster.