Hazard Alert
Worker's Compensation Board
POSTER # 99-06

Use extreme caution when using meat slicers

If not used safely, meat slicers can inflict serious cut injuries. A number of workers have suffered mild to serious cuts while operating meat slicers. During one year, a supermarket chain in the province had 36 workers off work at various times as the result of cuts they received while operating meat slicers.

Lack of training, poor work procedures, improper use of guards, and cleaning the blades without protective gloves are a few of the contributing factors.


Safe work practices:

  • Provide written safe work procedures and training for each worker who uses a meat slicer.
  • Use guards and glides at all times.
  • Secure meat properly in the slicer, and ensure that the slicer is in the proper setting before cutting.
  • Never reach across the blade.
  • Turn the slicer off after use, setting the calibration back to zero.
  • Unplug the slicer before cleaning it.
  • Use cut-resistant gloves on both hands while cleaning the blade.

This poster is part of an archival collection of WCB health and safety posters, dating from 1969 until the present time. At the time this poster was originally produced, it reflected the current WCB requirements. In all cases, today's WCB regulation and requirements must be applied to the situation shown in each poster.