Hazard Alert
Industry: Manufacturing Age: 61 years Experience: 2 months Area: Central Interior
Worker falls while attempting to change fluorescent lights

A maintenance worker was assigned the task of replacing burnt-out fluorescent lights. He noticed two burnt-out lights located above a wooden shelving unit. The worker was unable to get access to a ladder because it was in a locked storage cage. He climbed on top of the shelving unit and replaced one light, but he was unable to replace the second one.

In order to see why the light could not be installed in its socket, the worker climbed onto some cardboard boxes that were already on top of the shelving unit. At this point, the worker slipped and fell eight feet, six inches onto a concrete floor, receiving a possible skull fracture and head injury.


Safe work practices:

  • Relocate light fixtures that are difficult to reach so that workers minimize their risk of injury while servicing these fixtures.
  • Develop a safe work procedure for maintenance workers servicing light fixtures. The procedure must include training on how to use a scissor lift or ladder.
  • Develop an orientation checklist for workers who transfer to a job in another department. The checklist should include instruction on safe work procedures for the new job.
  • Provide detailed job descriptions for workers, supervisors, and managers. These job descriptions must describe the range of the duties that the employees are expected to perform.

Worker's Compensation Board