Hazard Alert
Industry: Service Age:
16 years
Experience: 6 months Area: Kootenay
Young worker's arm caught in conveyor belt

A young worker was assisting a mechanic to align a running conveyor belt at a fast food restaurant. This task required that the belt be operated intermittently, while small adjustments were completed. The young worker walked into the area under the belt where the lighting was poor and his movement was restricted. He put his hand on the moving belt, which pulled his arm into the nip point between the belt and adjustment roller. The mechanic removed the adjustment roller to free the young worker's fractured arm.

An investigation into this accident determined that the location under the conveyor belt was not safeguarded and that safe work practices for repairing the conveyor were not provided.

Safe work practices:

  • Ensure that workers are provided with written safe work procedures when it is not practicable to shut down equipment for maintenance.
  • Ensure that workers have the instruction and training to complete work safely.
  • Safeguard access to hazardous machinery.
  • Provide adequate lighting in areas where repairs are done.
  • Ensure workers are properly supervised at all times.

Worker's Compensation Board