Hazard Alert
Industry: Bakery
Age: 32 yrs
Experience: 6 months
Area: Lower Mainland
Baker's arm caught in bread dough machine

A baker was working on the bread line when he noticed that dough balls were sticking at the in-feed chute of the overhead proofer. He removed a cover panel on the proofer without turning off the power to the machine. He then reached through the pinch point of the conveyor chain and the drive sprocket. His arm was caught, resulting in broken bones and severe cuts.

Safe work practices:
  • Do not remove guarding such as panels that protect workers from moving parts while the machinery is in operation.
  • Shut down and lock out moving parts before servicing machinery or doing maintenance and repairs.
  • Instruct workers in lockout and other safe work procedures for the tasks they perform.
Worker's Compensation Board