Incident Bulletin
Operator crushed by scissor lift

A worker on a self-propelled scissor lift was installing bolts to connect two large overhead steel beams. The platform controls were not protected against inadvertent operation.

The worker inadvertently activated the lever for controlling elevation.

The platform elevated. The worker was pushed firmly onto the control lever when he was caught between an overhead beam and the elevating platform’s guard rail.

The platform continued to rise, fatally crushing the worker.

What should be done to prevent a similar incident

  • Use only elevating work platforms with controls that are protected against inadvertent operation.

See page 2 for relevant sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

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Relevant sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation*

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(3) Controls on an elevating work platform must be protected against inadvertent operation.

(4) Each set of operating controls of an elevating work platform must be provided with an emergency stop device.

(5) The emergency stop device on an elevating work platform must be within easy reach of the operator, and must be clearly labelled STOP and be red.

(6) Each elevating work platform must have a clearly marked overriding lowering control which, in an emergency, will enable a worker at the lower controls to stop and lower the platform.


*The sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation listed in this bulletin do not imply a breach of the Regulation on the part of any party that may have been involved with this incident. The purpose in listing specific sections of the Regulation is to make readers aware of some of the applicable sections of the Regulation.

This bulletin contains preliminary accident information and is subject to change. The WCB has a wide range of health and safety information. For assistance and information on workplace health and safety, call toll-free within BC 1-888-621-SAFE (7233) or visit our web site at
Incident Bulletin
2004 NOA 174
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