Hazard Alert

Young worker dies when crane tips
while moving load on bridge

A crew of workers was using a small carry-deck crane to lower a pallet load of hardware down to a pedestrian/bicycle path under construction. The path runs along the side of a rapid transit bridge spanning the Fraser River. A young worker was operating the small carry-deck crane. He had received a very short orientation before being authorized to operate the crane. His operating experience since the orientation was very limited. The weight of the load had not been determined. As the load swung over the side of the bridge deck, the crane overbalanced, tipping onto its driver's side. The worker was fatally crushed.

Safe work practices: image Fatality 2008-19

  • Authorize only adequately instructed and trained workers — who must also demonstrate competency — to operate cranes.
  • Provide the supervision necessary to ensure that all cranes and equipment are operated safely.
  • Ensure cranes are in safe operating condition.
  • Make sure that crane operators know all load weights.
  • Provide crane operators with all the information and operating aids required to determine the load weight that a crane can safely lift. These aids include load charts, range diagrams, lifting notes, boom angle indicators, and boom extension indicators.
  • Do not exceed the allowable load for the crane's configuration.
  • Use a spotter/signaller to help crane operators place loads in areas they cannot see.
Industry: Construction,
Young worker